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Universität Siegen

The University of Siegen is an institution of higher education located centrally in the area bordering the three German federal states of Hessen, North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatine. The University of Siegen has four faculties with more than 17,500 students and 1,400 employees offering a diverse range of subjects. The institute of Knowledge Based Systems (KBS) encompasses theories, techniques and methods from diversified fields such as information and knowledge retrieval and discovery, knowledge, competence and innovation management, recommendation systems, organizational learning, cognitive science and sustainability. Project partners of KBS are among leading research foundations, industries and medical institutions from Germany, EU, North America and South Asia. In the context of medical and health care research, KBS cooperates with Beta Klinik GmbH, Kreisklinikum Siegen and Uniklinik Köln. KBS possesses the methodological expertise of executing e-health projects bridging the fields of computer science and medicine.


Universiteit van Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is a 350-years old research university, the largest in the Netherlands. The Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior (HRM- OB) section of the UvA Amsterdam Business School is a relatively young section aiming to conduct and publish high-quality internationally recognized research in the fields of human resource management, personnel selection and applicant reactions. UvA-HRM-OB was a partner in the OntoHR project, providing expertise in ontology building and adaptive learning environments.


Betaklinik GmbH

The Beta Klinik GmbH is an international private clinic situated in Bonn, Germany. The clinic was founded in 2008 and specializes on diagnosis and therapy of head and spinal diseases. The clinic offers conservative and operative therapies of spinal, head or brain diseases as well as endovascular or minimally invasive therapy approaches. They use a wide range of diagnostic imaging services. In addition to the everyday business, the clinic is active in the research areas of neurology and apoplectic strokes, further testing of instruments for minimal invasive endovascular interventions, as well as web-based portal systems. For the last research aspect, there is an existing cooperation with KBS at the University of Siegen. The Beta Klinik possesses the competence for the current project proposal based on their international philosophy and openness for new ideas in addition to the special requirements for neuroscience nurses or care givers in the care of patients with spinal diseases.


Corvinno Technology Transfer Center Nonprofit Public Ltd.

Corvinno Technology Transfer Center Nonprofit Public Ltd. was born when a group of erudite people decided to create an organization that completely focuses on the exploitation of the gathered knowledge and experience. These people have demonstrated their aptitude and efficiency in leading organizations from the public and the private sector. The common feature of Corvinno team is the unique combination of innovation, management and technical expertise and above all sharing the same professional and ethical values. In accordance with the innovation life cycle, Corvinno is proud of leading prestigious research projects in the field of ICT, disseminating its results through conferences, publications and trainings, offering consultancy and solutions to its clients. Corvinno members were participated in OntoHR and SAKE projects where they were responsible for ontology design and development. Corvinno coordinated and participated in several R&D projects in the field of ICT.

External Evaluation

DEIS Department of Education Development, Cork Institute of Technology

The DEIS Department of Education Development is an academic department residing within the School of Humanities in the Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland. DEIS began life in 1993 as a research centre set up to carry out an EU-funded project in the area of what was then called open and distance learning (ODL). In 1996 it became an official Department of Cork Institute of Technology with a mission to “innovate in education for quality and access”.
In order to progress its mission, significant research and development activity has been undertaken by the DEIS Department both at a European and national level. The department continues to be involved in EU-funded research as both project lead or research partner. Current projects are funded in the main under the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme and address topics such as the use of web 2.0 services for learning, the online recognition of prior learning, the development of reusable learning objects and research and development in the field of serious games (i.e. computer and video games from learning). Work is also ongoing with regard to a range of commercial projects typically involving the development of e-learning resources for corporate clients. Animated features and full interactive learning resources have been developed for clients in sectors such as Finance, Health and Safety and Telecommunications.